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Online Applications Instructions

Students must complete the Nellie B. Lofthouse Scholarship application online. The following information will provide you with valuable information to assist with completing your online application.

System Requirements

The application is internet-based and will work in most updated, conventional internet browsers. 

Components of the Online Application

Account Creation

The first step in the application process will be to create an account. Once your account is created you will have 3 days to complete and submit your application. At the end of 3 days, whether you submit your application or not, your account will be disabled.


The Application requires you to provide information about your

  • Background
  • Expertise: experiences (including years); knowledge, skills, and abilities; majors and concentrations
  • Education
  • Work History (current & previous employment)
  • Military Experience (if applicable)

Completion Of The Application Package

Once you have completed the application, save and/or print your forms. You are now ready for the final section of the application. This section requires you to enter your personal information. You will also have the opportunity to upload your supporting documents—like transcripts and letters of recommendation. Take this time before submitting your application to review the application to be sure you have completed all sections and attached all required documents. Attachments not included with your application may prevent you from being considered for the Nellie B. Lofthouse Scholarship.

Upon successful submission of the application package, a confirmation message will appear on your screen acknowledging the application was submitted. Instructions for confirming the successful receipt of your application by the Nellie B. Lofthouse scholarship committee will be provided in this message. Those instructions are: within two business days of submitting your application package, you will receive a confirmation message in your account in our application system. Log back in to check its status within two business days. If your application was not received successfully, please resubmit. If it was successful, do not submit again. After you have confirmed, your account will be disabled and you will no longer be able to access your application.

Our goal is to respond to each applicant within a 45-day period. The Nellie B. Lofthouse Assistance Fund, Inc. receives several applications each year and, unfortunately, we are not able to contact everyone. If you have not heard from us within 45 days, we will not be offering you a scholarship at this time.

If you are chosen to receive a scholarship, the Nellie B. Lofthouse Assistance Fund will initiate contact with you by phone or email. Emails from the Nellie B. Lofthouse Scholarship Committee will have a .org extension. Please check your email spam filter settings or spam folder to ensure receipt of these emails.


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